Child Self Assessment – #3

Child Self-Assessment 

The Child Self-Assessment is made up of 7 questionnaires. Following each questionnaire, you can click submit for scoring results and links for the remaining questionnaires. Questionnaires may be completed in any order.

#1 ADHD  •  #2 Oppositional Defiant Disorder  •  #3 Conduct Disorder  •  #4 Separation Anxiety Disorder
#5 Overanxious Disorder  •  #6 Major Depressive Episode  •  #7 Dysthymia

Conduct Disorder (#3): Which of the following are considered to be a significant problem at the present time:

Stolen without confrontation
Run away from home overnight at least twice
Lies often
Deliberate fire-setting
Often truant
Breaking and entering
Destroyed others’ property
Cruel to animals
Forced someone else into sexual activity
Used a weapon in a fight
Often initiates physical fights
Stolen with confrontation
Physically cruel to people

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