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Founded in 1982 by Dr. Richard R. Williams, Health Psychology is a multi-disciplinary, non-medical, mind/body clinic. In addition to Counseling, a wide range of services are provided at the clinic, which specializes in alternative and complementary approaches to mental health, neurofeedback, biofeedback and psychophysiologically related disorders. 

“Psychophysiology is concerned with the relationship between mental (psyche) and physical (physiological) processes; it is the scientific study of mind-body interaction.” 

In 1990, Dr. Richard Williams introduced a psychoneurological assessment and neurofeedback program (formerly called EEG biofeedback or “brainwave” training) which is now mainstream for the treatment of attention deficit disorders, anxiety, headaches and numerous other stress-related and brain-based problems. 

We prefer not to use the term Attention Deficit Disorder. We do not feel that ADD is either a “deficiency” or a “disorder.” And certainly, no one wants to be called either “deficient” or “disordered.”

Instead, we prefer to refer to ADD as Attention “Directing Difficulty.” Not only do we feel that this is a more accurate description of what the problem really is, but it is less demeaning to the individual. 

Also, we feel that far too many children, adolescents and adults have been labeled as “ADD” in our society and that medications are being used too freely and too often. 

Research regularly reports that most prescriptions used for brain-based problems are routinely discontinued after 6 months; by the patient. 

Therefore, our approach emphasizes highly accurate, differential diagnostic techniques including precision assessment and the evaluation of brain activity (qEEG), a process that our patients find valuable, worthwhile, fascinating and extremely

informative. Rather than use a ‘decision tree’ approach or a ‘one size fits all list’, we rely on ‘looking inside’ through non-invasive approaches like a qEEG. 

Following this, we will help you choose among treatment options alongside counseling that include general biofeedback and/or the centerpiece of our program, EEG Neurofeedback training for enhanced brain functioning. 

Established in 1995 within Health Psychology, P.C., the ADD Institute continues the tradition of the private clinic since 1982 as leaders in the field of self-regulation. Health Psychology includes a network of other healthcare professionals who refer patients and who also act as consultants for the clinic’s activities. 

Welcome, again, to Health Psychology/ ADD Institute, where your brain has a mind of its own. 

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